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The history of the International Association of Lions Clubs is almost 100 years old.

Its founder - Melvin Jones, an entrepreneur from Chicago – in 1917 persuaded the members of local business society (Business Circle of Chicago) to engage in matters going beyond amassing their fortunes. He convinced them that their engagement would build common better future and suggested to base these activities on code of values.

The values the Lions subscribe to are listed in our Code of Ethics, and they are:

  • loyalty to your nation and state and tradition maintenance
  • building and supporting a citizen based society with impact on freedom and democracy
  • tolerance and acceptance of other opinions and life philosophies unless they ruin common welfare
  • respect for work – your and the others; respect for effort and honesty as the basic social attitudes
  • understanding weakness and suffering, not accepting indifference, acting against rejection
  • treating friendship not as a way to achieve something but as a value in itself
WE SERVE since 1917
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