Melvin Jones (1879-1961)

Melvin Jones was a man of great charisma. Born in a small US Army fort in Arizona, as a child, he survived the cruel war between the American pioneers and Apaches who led a peaceful life on their hunting land. He went to a local Sunday school – He knew the Bible well and appreciated modest family life.
When He was 20 he started work at an insurance company to become its owner 14 years later. At the age of 47 and as a millionaire he retired and sacrificed the rest of his life to the Lions movement.
Melvin Jones fulfilled and embodied the American Dream in his career. Reliability, diligence, discipline, pursuing his targets, willingness to help others – were the features of a pioneer appreciated by the Americans. He was a simple boy from a lower class who became a top manager – a rich man who was so involved in helping those in need. Serving people was a part of his professional life.
Pride based on belonging to elite, respect for individual achievements, ‘just do it’ mentality based on Christian humanism, promoting serving others – these ideas attract other people.
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