History of The International Association of Lions Clubs
1917   Melvin Jones starts the 1st Lions Club in Chicago, at the end of 2017 there 23 Clubs.
1920   1st Club out the USA – in Canada
1921   creating the present emblem (2 lion heads and letter „L” in the middle)
1926-1927   Lions Clubs in China, Mexico, and Cuba emerge
1935-1936   new Clubs in Columbia and Panama
1945   Lions Clubs International as the Only non government organization sign the UN Card
1948   the 1st Club In Europe – Sweden
1952   first Clubs in Japan and Australia
1957   the first LEO Club – USA
1987   1st Ladies and Mixed Clubs
1989   1st Clubs in Central and Eastern Europe
1989   1st Club in Poland - LC Poznań Polska
the 1st Governor of District 121 Poland – Lion Franciszek Wilamowski
WE SERVE since 1917


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