How to become a Lion

Every person who follows the rules of our Code of Ethic may be one of us.
If you want to become a Lions Club member – please contact the Lions nearest to your home – you will the list in Our organization

or email us:

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Club Membership
A member can be active or supporting.

Active member has all the rights and privileges and fulfills the duties due to its membership. A member has a right to hold a position in the Club or District and a right to vote in all matters subject to voting, among others. The duties are e.g. regular attendance in Club meetings, paying monthly fees on time, and active participation in Club activities.

Supporting member is a locally based person who cannot participate actively in Club’s activities but wants to support the Club and its charity initiatives and be associated with the Club. The status is granted by invitation from the Club. Supporting member has a right to vote in all matters related to the Club, is obliged to pay the membership fees but cannot be elected to any posts in the Club.

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