How to start a Lions Club


An existing Lions Club or group of interested citizens can approach the District Governor, with a request to start a new Lions Club.


  1. Hand a written declaration of min. 20 people – future members – to the Governor.
  2. The Governor will appoint an existing Lions Club in the District to be the Guiding Club and will appoint 2 Guiding Lions to properly prepare the Club to the registration procedure at the International Association of Lions Clubs and the Polish Registration Court KRS.
  3. The Governor will inform all the District Clubs about an idea of creating a new Club on the District’s web site and in the newsletters. The Clubs are entitled to present their opinion on the subject within one month from the date the Governor published the information.
    After that period the Governor decides about the creation of a new Club.
  4. The new Club meets to accept the Statute and make a resolution to join the Union of Association which is District 121 Poland. The draft Statute must be accepted by the Governor before it is sent to the Registration Court.
  5. After the Club’s registration as an association based on the Act of Associating the Governor applies to the International Board of LCI in the USA for the registration in the International Association of Lions Clubs (LCI).
    The Club’s name must consist of the words: ‘Lions Club – town/city’ where the Club will be based. If there is another Lions Club in this place each consecutive Club must add a phrase which will be specific for it.
    Lions Clubs in Poland have legal entity (as associations registered in KRS).
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