proszę kliknąć na obrazek, by powiększyć zdjęcieLC Kraków Bona Sforza, a Lion gathering energetic and very sensitive women who help the best they can for the benefit of people in need.
The same happened this year when between May 16 and July 28 a village Bieżanównear Cracow (a beautiful wealthy village before the WW2, today a suburb of Cracow) was flooded... six times, while the last flood in July caused the biggest damage.
The streets were flooded with water and the only means of transportation were pontoons and firefighters’ motor boats... Very few people were moving – except the evacuated ones – as the inhabitants were so devastated with 5 earlier floods that they did not leave their homes and tried to rescue anything.
The houses cleaned and thoroughly renovated after 2 floods in May and June had no chance to maintain this time – water came in through every possible hole. The most terrifying thing happened when suddenly in the middle of a dry wall a spring started and it was not a healthy spring at all! It was only a forecast of ruins and horrible future to come.
proszę kliknąć na obrazek, by powiększyć zdjęcieOne can neither forget such moments in life, nor those faces full of despair, a desperate fight with the element, hopelessness and a sea of tears...
The water stayed indoors only a few hours but it was enough to ruin the first (ground) floors completely – from the wooden floors that drifted freely around and walls that needed complete renovation, and all damaged household equipment: furniture, electric appliances, stoves and everything else that we collect throughout our lives.
When the pumps sucked up all the water and the place was roughly cleaned the people started to remodel their homes. To their surprise they had 2 special companions at home: dampness and mould. Airing and heating did not help much – and the homes needed drying!
At this point the Cracow Lions entered the stage!
They came with the idea, collected money, negotiated the price and purchased two professional air driers, for the inhabitants of Biezanow and offered them to the representatives of the Social Flood Protection Committee ‘Serafa Valley’ which spontaneously started to act during the flood and is caring for the future of Biezanow. The air driers wander from home to home to dry and save them from mould and enable their owners return to normal life.
Renting the equipment for 24 hours is 60 or even 100 PLN... A house needs many, many days to dry… How practical the gift from Lions Club Bona Sforza turned out to be is appreciated by everyone who has used it. There are houses where the driers ‘pulled out’ over 600 liters of water from walls and floors!

Air driers... what a practical name... actually they are ... TEAR DRIERS...

Łucja Kłańska-Kanarek
LC Kraków Bona Sforza
(an inhabitant of Biezanow for generations, a witness, unfortunately, of the events described above...)

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